Discover Dunblane BID is delighted to operate the Premises Improvement Scheme (or PRIMS for short).

The scheme provides match funding up to £500 (excluding VAT) towards premises improvement work carried out by contributing BID members in the Dunblane BID area. The scheme is open to businesses within this area who have operated or otherwise traded AND have been fully signed-up BID members or a minimum of 12 months and is designed to improve the appearance of business premises (external or internal). We have produced a support document “Character Guide: Maintaining character and individuality to Dunblane shop fronts”. Applicants should ensure that premises improvements are consistent with this guidance when submitting applications.

The Application Process

It is quick and easy to apply for the grant. Complete the application form via this page, detailing the reason for the request, estimated costs, and provide a brief overview of the work to be carried out together with timescales for completion and imagery if available.

Assessing Your Application

The BID board (or at least TWO board members) will assess the following:-Evidence of need (current condition of property:-

  1. Evidence of Need
  2. Design and standard of work (referring to “Character Guide”). NB: Non-affixed signage does not qualify, e.g. ‘A’ Boards, etc.
  3. Visual impact on the wider area

If the scheme is oversubscribed, preference will be given to applications where work is to be carried out to the business frontage and where local Dunblane based suppliers are utilised.

Decisions will be delivered within 14 days of receipt of qualifying applications.

How To Apply

Download the PRIMS Application Form and follow the instructions contained within regarding completion and submission.