Update on planned works in Dunblane

Update on planned works in Dunblane

There are two updates below, one for Network Rail plans and the other for on-going Streetscape works

– planned works to replace rail bridge on dual carriageway.

Facts from the meeting today (Attendees – Network Rail, Dunblane Community Council, Dunblane Development Trust, Discover Dunblane).

Reason for works: Change to electrification standards means that the bridge under the northbound lane of the dual carriageway must be replaced in order to create an additional distance between the electric wires and the bridge.

1. Investigation work will commence in February but this does not impact traffic flow as work will be contained to the pavement area of the dual carriageway around the bridge. Details on pedestrian access to be provided.

2. Work is scheduled to commence at the end of May (after the Fling weekend and 12k road race). The start date cannot be moved for a number of reasons, eg; regulation requires work to be completed by end 2018, electrification of the line is scheduled for to go live Q4 2018.

3. Work will last of up to a year. There are three main sections to the work; a) re-route utilities – c.3 months; b) demolish and replace the bridge – c.4 months; c) Re-instate utilities – c.3 months.

4. Road Closures during the 12 month period.
a) Sunnyside will be closed with Clarendon Place converted to 2 way.
b) Dual carriageway will be contraflow on south bound side. Current plan is for this to be controlled by traffic lights for the section around the bridge. However, we have asked Network Rail to re-consider design to allow for a 2 way contra flow without the use of traffic lights
c) Network Rail current plan shows the dual carriageway being closed in its entirety for 2 periods of 60 hours (in October and after Christmas. These plans will be made available to us shortly.

5. Station Closure.The station will also be closed on some weekends, and these dates are to be advised.

6. During construction. We have asked Network Rail to provide information on screening e.g. solid hoardings and how these can be presented to minimise the negative look of the works. Response will be received at next meeting in early March.

– Coffey Sunday working update

At a meeting with Stirling Council (Attendees – Stirling Council, Dunblane Community Council, Dunblane Development Trust, Discover Dunblane) the following information was provided;

1. Plan for 22nd Jan – Beech Road access; Closed all day. Work includes;
a) North bound carriage way, top of Beech Road & bottom of High Street plaining and surfacing works
b) Ducting top of Beech Road for Street lights
c) Repair work at Station

2. Plan for 29th Jan – Beech Road access; Closed for part of day (more information requested). Work includes;
a) Area around Post office, Papas, Christian Fellowship and Victoria Hall, plaining works being undertaken – pedestrian access will be maintained.
b) Top of Beech Road and bottom of High Street to be completed – (more information requested)
c) South Bound lane dual carriageway – surfacing work

3. Plan for 5th Feb – detail to be confirmed.

4. Plan for 12th Feb – planning request being submitted by Coffey. Our request to Stirling Council is for all work to be completed by 5th Feb. Response awaited.

— Ends —

More information will be shared as it becomes available